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Patient Information


Arrival to the office.

Please arrive to the office approximately 15 minutes in advance if you are presenting for initial visit. Please bring with you your insurance card and ID card. If you take any medications, please either bring them with you or have the list of the medications including names and dosages. Instructions regarding medications are valid for followup visits as well. If you have any other medical documents such as blood test results, diagnostic imaging or electrocardiogram please bring them with you as well. You may receive some additional instructions for your followup visits.
If you are driving to the office please use our direction information page available on the website. Make sure that you put "-" in our building number "28-02". If you put 2802 most likely you will be directed to the wrong place.

Parking space is available on Fair Lawn Avenue in front of the office. You can leave your car their for up to 2 hours.

Initial visit may take up to one hour (waiting room time is almost always less than 15 minutes ) so please schedule you time accordingly.